Environment Artist

Industry professional with nine years of experience tightening up the graphics in level three. Since I dislike writing bios almost as much as coding HTML, let's just skip to the good part:






Develop exciting new worlds at a company that will
challenge me both artistically and technically


  • zBrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya, LightWave, Unreal,
    Speedtree, Photoshop, Quixel (nDo, dDo), World
    Machine, Substance Designer, various proprietary tech

  • Designed high quality game environments.
  • Worked with art leads, concept artists, and designers to
    develop meshes, materials, and texture assets that realize
    both the technical and aesthetic goals of the project.
  • Responsible for taking assets ranging from small props to
    large-scale terrain, interiors and exteriors from
    whitebox/concept art to final state.



  • Urvogel Games

  • -Terrain creation incorporating specific biomes and landmarks.

  • -Foliage models and terrain material creation.

    • Saurian


  • 343 Industries/Microsoft (Yoh)

  • -Created areas in the main campaign that are visually
    clear, interesting, and performant.

  • -Created assets ranging from small plants to large rock caves,
    terrain, and hard surface futuristic architecture.

  • -Assisted in defining the look of Forerunner architecture.

    • Halo 5
    • Halo 4


  • Airtight Games

  • -Created exterior buildings and terrain, interior props and materials.

    • Murdered - Soul Suspect


  • Enter the Studio

  • - Generated most arena backgrounds from concept to
    final, incorporating Transformers lore.

    • Transformers BotShots


  • WB Games - Monolith / Midway - Surreal Software

  • - Created areas that met the very specific goals of both
    gameplay and art that seemed at odds with each other.

  • - Concepted assets on many occasions.

  • - Worked with FX and Technical Artists to develop
    beautiful yet efficient materials.

  • - Developed and implemented a modular road system.

    • Lord of the Rings - War in the North
    • This Is Vegas
    • unannounced titles



  • Ringling School of Art and Design
    B.F.A. Computer Animation

    • Graduated With Honors

Awards and Publications


  • published in 3D Landscape Techniques
  • published in Expose 1 and 3, and short-listed for 4, 5, and 7
  • featured on CGTalk
  • 1st place in LightWave Group's Rescue Vehicle Modeling
    and Interior Texturing contests
  • published in a variety of magazines including Leonardo
    and PC Extreme